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After completing a BA in textile design Sarah pursued many different art disciplines, including painting, sculpture, graphics and printmaking. Sarah is a member of the Malta Society of Arts

This eclectic mix of media has culminated in a wide and varied use of materials in her paintings and assemblages. With this wealth of knowledge and years of practice she is able to pass this on to students through workshops and private tuition.

006 - Copy - Copy   My Media

Intuitive painting is my passion and I use acrylics to achieve this. I love the fast drying of acrylics which enable me to put down layers very quickly, keeping the continuous flow of conscious streaming going.  Although acrylic paint has a reputation for ending up a muddy mess a little knowledge of colour mixing can avoid this happening, unless mud is what you want! Mark making is particularly important in my work along with the use of calligraphy.  I use sketchbook/journals to make a note of ideas, colours and ways of making marks. This is a very important step in developing a diary for the final piece. Living on a small island means materials are not abundant and or expensive. Making use of what is available is an essential part of my ever changing art works.

My Philosophy

I find much inspiration in the Zen aesthetic of Wabi Sabi; the constantly changing landscape and the decaying impermanence of objects. I look for the beauty in peeling paint and rusty metal. I find the works of Rumi, Shams and Hafiz inspiring and often use their philosophy as a starting point for my own work.

I believe there are no mistakes in art, that the finished piece is an interpretation of the energy in use while working. How the finished piece turns out is not as important as whether the artist finds it pleasing or not.  Each piece of art is interpreted differently by the viewer, onlooker. What this interpretation invokes in the viewer is what is important, not the subject matter.


My Statement

As I work I develop a diary, each piece represents a part of my ever changing life. An idea can run through a series of works for a while but then disappear as quickly as it appeared. The aesthetic of wabi sabi highlights the ever changing, transient, impermanence and imperfection of objects and indeed life and this thought runs through my painting. Being creative is as important as breathing for me and is represented in everything I do, from the way I observe the landscape to how I decorate my living space and  how I interact with people. But it can change with the wind, nothing stays the same.

Private tuition and gallery of work

Art inspired by insightful poetry by the Sufi mystic, Rumi.

These ‘polished mirrors’ reflect you. What you see is not the material itself, but your own understanding of the material, your own state of mind and heart, your own degree of spiritual insight.


One thought on “Sarah

  1. Hi Sarah. I really enjoyed your Intuitive Painting workshop yesterday at The Lotus Centre. Your enthusiasm shines through and gives the students the confidence they need to have a go, whether they are new to painting or not. Thanks, Geraldine x


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