11700637_10153145613343666_4938167445868077607_oMy Media

I like collage because I can have a lot of choices of images and texture, a feeling of being in control with the option of changing my mind. Collage is a very forgiving media in that it does not demand a commitment right away, like a paint brush across a canvas it is possible to change the composition, experimenting with many arrangements.

Collage also gives a second life to paper, objects and symbols. It is a way to create order from chaos and to birth new images from old. It evokes layering of ideas, thoughts and feelings and often becomes a                 transformative experience.


004 (2)My Philosophy

As technology becomes capable of creating soulless perfection, I hunger for imperfection- for the rough beauty that bears the imprint of the fallible human hand. Actually making something with my own hands is an art, maybe more than an art, maybe a basic human need.

The sense of individual creativity, the joy of being capable and appreciating of doing my own thing leads to transformation – Power of health and wellbeing.

Although my creative potential is always available, I have witnessed that it often takes an abrupt change in circumstances to lead me to reparative power, the dark light of the soul that brings me to a healing path.



My Statement

A creative act is one that invokes imagination, making the invisiblvisible. It reflects what is inside of me, parts of the self that are more authentically conveyed with images, than with words.

I believe, even if you have neglected your creativity since childhood it is still there. It is not limited by your age, physical condition, or art training. It is connected to the creative instincts you are born with and it is a life force, energy, zest of life. You are not required to produce a finished work of art worthy of display in a gallery, but you are asked to be authentic and it is called forth by simply being yourself.

German and English spoken


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