Valletta Exhibition



Bring on a storm !

I’m running out of driftwood and need a mega storm to bring some more onto the beaches. Winter is obviously the best time for that and I do spend an hour or so every day scouring old haunts for wood. Trouble is I’m not the only one looking for it, sadly sometimes it is used just for firewood.  I could I guess just cut up some pallets but they don’t have the same weathered look and patina as authentic driftwood, and that’s what people like to buy.

Anyway I still have a bit left to use and here are two paintings I did this morning.


Some new up cycled ’38ReWorks’ going into the studio this week. #vintage #reworkeddenim #wastenotwantnot

Open as usual Monday to Friday 9.30am til 3pm Saturday 9.30am til 1pm


New Home for the Dragon

Part of of my recent exhibition at the Citadel Cultural Centre, this sculpture/assemblage has found it’s home in a very stylish apartment. Made from found objects collected on Gozo the work represents my time and place on the island. A shamanic piece of stones, shells and feathers, a protector of the home.

The expanse of white wall lends itself beautifully to the now named Norwegian Dragon, due to the company it keeps ! He flies across the wall taking his healing powers with him.

My next exhibition will be held at the Fortress Builders in Valletta, for the whole of October.  The show will be an extension of the last in Victoria, building on my ‘Nomads in Time’ project. Both new paintings and assemblage, details will be posted later in September.



The heat is on

This weather is rubbish for painting !  Even in the usually fairly cool studio we are melting. With very little air movement apart from the woefully inadequate fan, moving in any way shape or form a real effort and draining. Painting for me requires standing up and moving around quite a lot. Draining in this weather of 40c +

I have been planning my autumn workshops and need to do a series of paintings myself in order to best teach this new approach to intuited art.  I think it may have to wait until it’s a little cooler. In the meantime I’m looking for sitting down jobs and just enjoying taking time to chat to those brave visitors who have ventured away from their pools…..



Living on a small island can be both idyllic and hugely frustrating. On the one hand it’s glorious living by the sea with nothing more than a 20 minute drive away and having a friendly, arty and spiritual community close to hand. On the other as an artist I cant readily find the materials I need here. There is no dedicated art shop on the island (gap in the market, considering how many artists there are here !). The nearest and best being in Mosta, on Malta proper, a bit of a hike if you need only one thing. Delivery requires a minimum spend not to mention you have to wait up to two weeks for it ……hmmm. Ordering online also has its drawbacks and many companies won’t even deliver to Malta !

Soooooo my immediate problem is finding suitable paper on which to Lino print. I absolutely love the process of Lino printing. The original design, the having to consider a reverse image, cutting the Lino is just so absorbing, the tweaking of cuts once the first print has been made and the joy of all the hard work coming together in a good print. EXCEPT I am having real problems getting a consistently good print. I think it’s down to not having the right paper but also this hot weather is drying the ink quickly and therefore not getting good coverage.

Determined to get it right I shall persevere and hope I can get to Malta in the next week or so .

Mgarr Harbour with my dog Raffi sitting by some lobster pots.



I was was recently invited to revisit some work purchased last year by a customer and now friend. It’s always lovely to see my work hanging in a home as part of day to day living. Kevin has a beautifully restored farmhouse and both works look so comfortable in their surroundings.

The long prayer flag like piece was part of my exhibition ‘Songs of the Earth’  last July at the Citadel. The collection was inspired by the fabric of Gozo. The landscape, earth, stone and ancient history are a constant source of interest to me and were the basis of this exploration into large scale mark- making. The earth bubbling up it’s songs. People are drawn to Gozo for a reason…listen for your song.    This theme has a hold on me and I carried it on into this years exhibition although the visuals were quite different.

The colours work so well on the old stone walls !




This piece is called Indira’s Net. A reference to the Buddhist belief that we and indeed everything in the universe are connected by a web of vibrations. The washed up rope and collections of shells, hag stones and flotsam and jetsam were found at Xatt L’Ahmar. Kevin has it welcoming his guests into the house. How lovely.


There is one remaining piece from that show which is now hanging in the ‘Upstairs Gallery’ in Victoria along side some of my more commercial work.

The gallery is situated just off St George’s Sq. Run by Paul Singleton and his sister Valerie (an outstanding milliner), you will find a wonderful selection of Paul’s beautiful wood turned pieces and olive furniture, Valerie’s work and show casing a few other local artists. A  really lovely addition to the art scene on Gozo.