Deep within.

Yesterday’s workshop was both great fun and inspiring. What seemed like a big ask at the beginning, every one soon got into their stride. The short meditation inspired and focused our minds on the task in hand. Stunning colours and bold imagery flowed across the paintings and by the end of the day some truly inspired pieces were completed. Working through the pain barrier early on and some group discussion spurred on the flow, exposing some pretty deep stuff !

I hope this will be the start of an ever evolving pathway for the group, there was real talent which needs to be progressed.

I hope to hold another class next month or early March. If you are interested please message me.







At the start of each new year I choose a word that runs as a theme through my art. It’s a way of holding everything together. I write it in the front of my sketchbook and refer to it throughout the year, often my exhibitions are based on this chosen word. This year I have chosen TRUTH. The revealing of the truth about our lives.

I have become interested in tarot card art and the amazingly complex imagery that describes the meaning of the cards. The word tarot itself means revealing the ‘truth’, and through interpretation the cards tell a story about our lives, holding a fascinating insight into our psyche.  I feel inspired to do some paintings based on the major arcana using my own interpretations of the symbolism and think it would be fun to have a go. Last year my medicine woman kept appearing in various guises throughout my work and I think this was a precursor to this idea. She has much in the way of symbolism hidden around her and her inner wisdom is evident.

My new workshops are very much based on intuitively painting our inner selves…. that which is buried deep in our subconscious. As I write this I can see now that this too is linked to finding our ‘truth’. … Ooooh I love synchronicity ! How it all comes together and links up.

If you are interested in finding out more about the workshops go to the menu. The next booked date is 28th Jan. details on FB. In the mean time wishing you all health and happiness this new year.


Date for your diary


Intuitively Painting Your Inner Self – A Self Portrait. 



‘’You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself’’

Workshops January and February 2018 To be held at Lotus Tal Qalb
10am – 3pm ( break for lunch) €30 pp
All materials provided and your very lovely painting to take home.
We work in fast drying acrylics on a 50cm sq prepared surface.
Bring nothing except your lunch, an apron and a sense of fun. Leave all your preconceptions at home !
Min 5 – Max 10

Be open to a new world of painting where anything is possible. Leave behind all preconceptions of who you think you are or what you think others perceive you to be.
Allowing intuition rather than thoughts to guide you, this process allows you to emerge confident in your creating. Allowing your self portrait to unfold naturally and in its own time. Listen deeply, trust completely, respond fully.

Suitable for both beginners and experienced artists. Even if you have painted for years this class will bring a fresh approach to your painting. If you are nervous of starting it will give the confidence to create some truly bold painting and find your authentic voice. Help is at hand !
Intuitive painting is not about creating a representational image, in this case, of yourself but an exploration into your subconscious.

This workshop will enable you to gain a basic understanding of the process which inspire your own development.

To book a place or for further info. please contact Sarah by

pm on facebook – Studio 38 Gozo
Or use the contact form on this site.




Gosh where does the time go? Studio 38 has now moved and I am settled into my new studio space and gallery. Sharing the ‘Upstairs Gallery’ with Paul has been a great move. The space is lovely and bright and the location, just off St George’s Sq., is perfect. Right in the heart of Victoria, surrounded by cafes and artisan shops it is the hub of the old city.

Christmas is looming and I shall be joining my family in the UK for a few days…not looking forward to the snow and rather hoping it will have all gone by then.

The New Year will bring fresh work into the studio and I will set some dates for workshops in January and February. Last year’s classes were a great success and to build on that I will be offering a twist on the Intuitive Painting. ‘Intuitively Painting your inner self – A Self Portrait’. It is a theme that has been running through my own work for many months now and I think it would be fun for others to have a go too.

If you are stuck for a season gift idea I am offering Gift Vouchers for my work shops. Available from the Studio or Facebook message me.

Wishing all my friends and customers a very Happy Christmas. Xx


Bring on a storm !

I’m running out of driftwood and need a mega storm to bring some more onto the beaches. Winter is obviously the best time for that and I do spend an hour or so every day scouring old haunts for wood. Trouble is I’m not the only one looking for it, sadly sometimes it is used just for firewood.  I could I guess just cut up some pallets but they don’t have the same weathered look and patina as authentic driftwood, and that’s what people like to buy.

Anyway I still have a bit left to use and here are two paintings I did this morning.


Some new up cycled ’38ReWorks’ going into the studio this week. #vintage #reworkeddenim #wastenotwantnot

Open as usual Monday to Friday 9.30am til 3pm Saturday 9.30am til 1pm