I have long been fascinated by tribal costumes and dance. I love the headwear, turbans, facial tattoos and big jewellery. The women look majestic in the vibrant colours they so easily wear on a daily basis. Particularly North African, Berber, Algerian and Persian tribes. Of course the Asian tribes have some fantastic costumes too but there is something about the turbans that draw me in.

Using my intuitive painting techniques I have been working on a few ideas. Obviously a way to go but loving the initial sketches.



Two Music Artist’s from Portugal, Samuel Martins Coelho and Henrique Fernandes have been staying on Gozo in an art residency organised by Spatzju Kreattiv. Their mission is to make music using the the world about us. They create sound paths that record the living sound structure of the environment. Genius. I was lucky enough to join them. The day was spent recording sounds in a quarry, we then went onto set up an installation on the rocks at Marsalforn. Using just wire and stone they created a sound channel. It was super cool. I Will post a recording of the ‘music’ when the boys have edited it. Fab.

The day opened up a whole new sound world for me, invaluable experience. The line between art and music is very fine and often blurred and I loved how the day was criss-crossing between the two arts. Amazing….


Washed up

Sarah’s goggled  eyed monsters and ancient island ancestors all made from washed up beach debris.








Lost and found


Busy in the studio with lots of found driftwood. Something a little fishy going on.


Cool !

Another great workshop at Lotus tal Qalb. This time we started with layering cool colours, followed by warm. What a difference it had on the final results. You can compare by going back a few posts to last month’s workshop photos.

Very different and all very lovely. This introduction day is intended to just lay down a foundation for, I hope, further experimentation. I think everyone found it a freeing experience and introduced them to a new perspective on painting.

There will be more group workshops in the Autumn. If, however, a group of people (min 5) or indeed individuals, would like to try this sooner than October please do contact me.

That time of year

Yes February is the heart of winter, the weather is at it’s worst butbad days are still good days on Gozo. Even so there are not many visitors about. It is however the best time to have a spring clean in the studio. Making more room to paint and a general shuffling around of work. It’s also the time to get some smaller items ready and bulk stocks for the start of the visitor season next month.

We are still open every day except Sunday, albeit on shorter hours. 10.30 til 2