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We are in the process of building a new website. Almost done! So please go over and have a look but bear in mind we have a few things to add and tweak.

I shall be using Instagram to post photos and news so you can also check out what’s going on in the studio there.

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San Dimitri

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Being sucked in

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March is doing it’s best to out do February in the weather stakes. What started warm and sunny has turned into a cold and very blustery week. Looking on the bright side this weather and stormy seas bring in driftwood.  So with my trusty friend and art director Raffi, armed with a lidl bag we braved the North wind and drove over to Marsalforn to see what we could find.

Back in the warmth of the studio I made use of some of the pieces I found !


Digging Deep

Another fabulous workshop, what amazing results. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with what lies beneath the surface !

Intuively Painting our Inner Self. Below are the students work. Fab I think you will agree.


Deep within.

Yesterday’s workshop was both great fun and inspiring. What seemed like a big ask at the beginning, every one soon got into their stride. The short meditation inspired and focused our minds on the task in hand. Stunning colours and bold imagery flowed across the paintings and by the end of the day some truly inspired pieces were completed. Working through the pain barrier early on and some group discussion spurred on the flow, exposing some pretty deep stuff !

I hope this will be the start of an ever evolving pathway for the group, there was real talent which needs to be progressed.

I hope to hold another class next month or early March. If you are interested please message me.

Students work below.





At the start of each new year I choose a word that runs as a theme through my art. It’s a way of holding everything together. I write it in the front of my sketchbook and refer to it throughout the year, often my exhibitions are based on this chosen word. This year I have chosen TRUTH. The revealing of the truth about our lives.

I have become interested in tarot card art and the amazingly complex imagery that describes the meaning of the cards. The word tarot itself means revealing the ‘truth’, and through interpretation the cards tell a story about our lives, holding a fascinating insight into our psyche.  I feel inspired to do some paintings based on the major arcana using my own interpretations of the symbolism and think it would be fun to have a go. Last year my medicine woman kept appearing in various guises throughout my work and I think this was a precursor to this idea. She has much in the way of symbolism hidden around her and her inner wisdom is evident.

My new workshops are very much based on intuitively painting our inner selves…. that which is buried deep in our subconscious. As I write this I can see now that this too is linked to finding our ‘truth’. … Ooooh I love synchronicity ! How it all comes together and links up.

If you are interested in finding out more about the workshops go to the menu. The next booked date is 28th Jan. details on FB. In the mean time wishing you all health and happiness this new year.