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We currently do not have any dates for residential courses. Short courses available without accommodation included. Please see separate pages.

One or two day Intuitive Painting workshops also available. See separate page.

Intuitive Painting Workshops


The inner creative        Art orientated self discovery

Four days of art and soul exploration, hosted in a comfortable traditional
farmhouse set on the idyllic and inspiring Mediterranean island of Gozo.
The Maltese archipelago bridges the gap between North Africa and Europe. A stepping stone
with a rich history and heady mix of past travellers. The sandstone coloured earth against the
blue sky and dark sea creates a unique light that has drawn artists and mystics for millennia.
The simplicity of Gozo is both inspiring and rejuvenating. The perfect place to unwind and
explore one’s creativity.
Studio 38 aims to help you explore and inspire your inner creative through four days of
intuitive painting, incorporating journal making. Expert guidance from
Sarah will steer you through the process and by the end of the four days you will have some
new found skills and at least three pieces of unique artwork to take home.
These four days are about unlocking the inner hidden creative in an intuitive and self
initialising way. This process encourages you to allow your work to emerge organically in
unexpected ways as a result of listening to your intuition, and trusting the process.
This workshop is not about replicating an image of what is in front of you in the traditional
sense, or even knowing what you will paint before you begin.
This is much more about discovering a new intuitive approach to creating rather than
following specific guidelines.

Intuitive Painting 
Children have an innate ability to be creative and uninhibited, something most people lose
as they get older. As an adult you may never have tried to paint, worried of what others may
think of your work or a fear of failure. There are many reasons why people may never start down the road
to creativity. Some of us never feel we have the time to be creative, that family life or jobs get in the way.
Many of us have a fear of criticism that we are not ‘good enough’ to paint. Or that being
creative takes us out of our comfort zone. You may already be a painter but need a kick start or boost to your creativity.
Fear not, help is at hand! Our job is to show you a path that you can fully develop on your
own. Join us for a fun few days by exploring ways of unlocking your creativity, shifting
perspectives and preconceived notions! This workshop is for all abilities.
What is involved
Day 1
9.30 – 3pm with a short break for a light lunch.
Getting to know the process. Preparing and working in an intuitive Art Journal.
The first day will be spent identifying your personal goal through an esoteric approach. We
explore your individual potential using a questionnaire focusing on three aspects of your life
that you would like to explore through art journaling using both images and words. We
provide a journal to work in made from re purposed books that will ultimately become art
works in themselves, a record of the four day course. Art journaling is a great way to get into
the intuitive mind set for the forthcoming days and a way of developing a diary of ideas.
001 - Copy        002

Day 2 & 3

9.30 – 3pm with a short break for a light lunch.
Intuitive Painting.
Using the same large format as the previous day we start to develop a painting using a
limited palette of fast drying acrylic paint. By putting down layers, making marks and adding
calligraphy, we will create movement and rhythm. This intuitive approach will free up your
painting style and create a truly unique art piece, which we hope will encourage you to work
further on your own.
037   011 (3)   W1
Day 4
An optional morning…
An opportunity to either spend an hour or so to finish off any work before the show,
A morning visiting traditional and contemporary art and craft on the island.
Evening, 5pm – 8pm Group show and discussion.
Followed by a celebration dinner.
Starting with a group show we share the experience of the four day workshop. We will be
looking at all the work that has been created and have the opportunity to discuss ideas and
how your unique art style can be developed in the future.
Days 5/6/7 Free to explore the island on your own. We can arrange visits to artist’s studios on both Gozo and Malta. Please ask for details.
We supply all materials
Paint, brushes and other tools.
We work on rolls of vinyl covered paper 50cm wide by 180 long, easily fitted into a cardboard tube
for protection and ease of transportation.
We will supply a re purposed book to work in as an art journal and show you how to prepare your
What you need to bring:
A cardboard tube for taking artwork home. At least 50cm long. Approx. 10cm in diameter.
INSPIRE – art orientated self discovery.
Minimum 4 people, Max 6
For more information on your tutors, Sarah and Petra, please refer to their profile pages. 
The accommodation and workshop will be held in a traditional farmhouse in one of the picturesque villages on Gozo. Prices vary due to different accommodations.
We can advise on flights and transfer times but do not book them for you.
The national airline, Air Malta, now operates low-cost flights. Other international airlines, including
low-cost carriers, also operate regular scheduled flights to and from Malta. These include Air Baltic,
Air Berlin, Air France, Air Serbia, Alitalia, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, EasyJet, Emirates, Jet Time,
Libyan Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair, Malta Fly, Monarch, Niki, Norwegian, Ryanair, Scandinavian
Airlines, Thomas Cook, Thomson, Transavia, Tunisair Express, Turkish Airlines, Fuelling and Wizz.
Further information can be found at http://www.maltairport.com
We can book your airport transfer for you or taxis are readily available at the airport. Car hire is also available.The taxi or car journey to the ferry harbour in Cirkewwa takes about an hour or a little over. Ferry crossing takes 25-minutes to Mġarr Harbour, on Gozo. On arriving on Gozo we can also help with transfer to the farmhouse.
Should you require, we can arrange the hiring of a Car, Scooter or Bicycle on your behalf
 Venue may change with each workshop. Please contact Studio 38 for information.




023    025


At the end of the workshop we encourage our students to share their experience and say a few words about their painting. This is what one participant shared talking about her painting above.

‘The idea to do an intuitive painting excited me. By following the guided instruction, layering colour upon colour, using lines and shapes and allowing my intuition to lead me, I arrived at an unexpected result. Seeing mostly circles, I am reminded of the circles of life and sometimes even my own movement, going around and around in my head. The spiral on the other hand leads me deep into the emotions and my subconscious, while at the same time spirals me upwards into spirituality and higher learning. The five shapes of gateways or shelters represent places I have lived and pathways I have chosen. Each time I see light at the end of the tunnel boats appear, representing transportation, like the lifeboat carrying me safely from experience to experience, along the river of life through troubled water. I have learned to go with the flow. The leaves are a sign of nature and again remind me of the cycles of life, death and re-birth. The colours Pink, blue, green and gold mark the highlights of my life. I also realise that life is mostly black and white and sometimes just between. On top of my painting a small figure in pink appears, representing me. It seems to me that I have clearly drawn a line. Separating and showing that I have arrived at another level where I am now walking a new path. What I found interesting is that I am not anymore at the centre (of my life) at the age of 60, but at the top. The tree of life is here, as well as the life boat. The tunnel has now turned more into a building with a window, representing opportunity and a new outlook on life.’


008     Night after day

Still life    005

009     001


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3 thoughts on “Art Holidays

  1. The following comment was emailed to us by a participant on a one day workshop:

    “This workshop was an immense opportunity to revisit my personal story, the past, how I am now and my aspirations for the future. My facilitator was a gentle guide during the whole process, helping through my resistances and in sticking to the essential. The whole experience for me was healing, making peace with my story and embracing the future with joy and lightness. Thank you so much !”


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